Save Premium

How do you save money on your insurance policies?  You need to talk with us…experienced agents who KNOW DISCOUNTS!  Here are just a few examples of topics that could mean savings!

Discount Examples
– Erie Insurance offers Multi-Policy discounts simply for having Auto, Home and/or Life with the same carrier.

– Erie Insurance recently introduced a $1,500 deductible for Home insurance with very attractive pricing.

– Erie Insurance offers the unique Rate Lock program that can lock in Personal Auto Insurance rates for years!

– Progressive Insurance offers a wide array of motorcycle discounts, including Motorcycle Operators License, Safety Course, Prior Insurance, Anti-Lock Brakes, Lojack and more!

Get a Quote
We make this easy…call us…e-mail us…text us…visit us…or use the No-Obligation Quotes feature of our website!

Annual Reviews
Discount programs change over time.  That is why the Werle & Rushe Agency provides an annual review to our policyholders.  We don’t want their protection to become outdated.  And we don’t want them to miss any discounts!

Be An Informed Consumer
Don’t just take our word for it!  Visit the Consumer Information section of our website for advice from consumer advocates.

Be Careful About Coverage
Everyone wants to save money…but you still need great coverage as well.  Visit the Am I Covered? Key Questions section of our website.  This offers important concerns as we guide you to protection that fits your needs as well as your budget.

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