Why do we ask so many questions? Here are some typical concerns of our policyholders. Do they apply to you as well? If so, we need to talk. Our goal is to customize protection to meet your needs as well as your budget.

Personal Auto Insurance

  1. Will my medical bills be paid and my income replaced if I am injured?
  2. Are my assets protected if I injure someone else?
  3. Will my car be repaired to my satisfaction – convenience & workmanship?
  4. Can I be properly protected at an affordable rate?

Home Insurance

  1. Can I completely rebuild my home – size, features and quality?
  2. Can I replace my personal belongings at today’s prices?
  3. Do I have items that require special coverage – jewelry, collections, computers, boats, ATVs and more?
  4. Are my assets protected if a visitor is injured at my home?

Life Insurance

  1. Will my final expenses (medical, funeral, legal) be paid or be a burden to my family?
  2. Will my loved ones continue to enjoy their same lifestyle without my income?
  3. Will my favorite charity or cause continue without my regular financial support?
  4. Will my children be able to go to the college of their choice without my income?

Retirement Annuities

  1. Can I earn a competitive rate of interest while saving for retirement?
  2. Can I avoid, minimize or defer income taxes on my retirement savings?
  3. How can I avoid out-living my retirement fund?

Business Insurance

  1. Can I completely rebuild after a disastrous storm, fire or explosion
  2. Do I have assets that require special coverage?
  3. While rebuilding, can I pay my ongoing business obligations and still realize an after-expense income or profit?
  4. While rebuilding, can I pay my employees so they can re-join me when we re-open?
  5. Are my business assets sufficiently protected against legal action?
  6. Do I have a plan in place that will provide immediate cash to buy out the interest of a deceased partner or stockholder?
  7. Is there a key employee who contributes substantially to the financial well-being of the company that I should consider protecting with life insurance?
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