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Each carrier has a process to follow to report a claim. Please know that we are available to answer your questions. Simply click on the carrier links below and you will find assistance to report an incident.

Auto, Boat, & Motorcycle Emergency Services

If your vehicle needs towed as a result of a covered accident, the towing charges are typically included as part of the covered claim expense. Many policies offer coverage in case your auto, truck, motorcycle or boat is disabled – unrelated to an accident. Some offer a dispatch service and the expense is billed to the carrier (limits apply). Others offer a reimbursement program in which you find a convenient vendor, pay for the service, and submit the expense for reimbursement (limits apply).

We offer a list of contacts that offer dispatch services.

Auto Claim Advice

Protect your car and any other property from further damage.

Contact the police if anyone is injured; damage is extensive; your vehicle or property has been stolen; vehicle(s) cannot be driven; other driver(s) fled the scene; or if you need some other type of assistance.

Collect information from the other driver(s) involved in the accident. We will gladly provide you with a brochure from Erie Insurance entitled “Auto Accident – What To Do”. It is conveniently designed to be carried with your auto insurance ID card. Do not admit fault or negligence – allow the professionals to evaluate the facts. If you are insured with Erie Insurance, you may want to look at Erie’s directory of Auto Repair Shops .You may have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice. Many policyholders prefer the shops that meet Erie’s high standards. First, in most cases, these shops have the authority to commence with repairs, eliminating the need to meet with an insurance adjuster. Second, in addition to any guarantee offered by the shop, Erie Insurance stands behind the repairs as well.

Obtain the following:
(1.) descriptions of the vehicle(s) and driver(s);
(2.) info pertaining to witnesses and vehicle occupants;
(3.) description of any injured person(s);
(4.) identity of responding police;
(5.) the date, time and place of the accident;
(6.) any property damage other than vehicles – mailbox, building, fence, etc.

Use the button at left for your carrier for instructions on how to report this information.

Property Claim Advice

Safeguard Your Property

You are expected to take reasonable action to protect your property from further damage. This may include moving endangered personal property to a safer site; boarding up damaged roofs, walls, windows or doors; shutting off utilities (such as water or natural gas) that will create further damage; or contacting a fire/water restoration company to dry out water-damaged areas. We offer a list of local Fire & Water Restoration Contractors in the Erie area. If you are outside our area, we can assist you with options as well.

Preserving Damaged Property for Inspection

The claim department may dispatch a company-employee claims adjuster; an independent claims adjuster; a representative of our agency; or they may waive an on-site inspection. Until they tell you to do so, please do not discard damaged property.

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