Property Claim Advice

Safeguard Your Property

You are expected to take reasonable action to protect your property from further damage. This may include moving endangered personal property to a safer site; boarding up damaged roofs, walls, windows or doors; shutting off utilities (such as water or natural gas) that will create further damage; and/or contacting a fire/water restoration company to dry out water-damaged areas.

Preserving Damaged Property for Inspection

The Claim Department may dispatch a company-employee claims adjuster; an independent claims adjuster; a representative of our agency; or they may waive an on-site inspection. Until they tell you to do so, please do not discard damaged property.

Fire & Water Restoration Contractors

A claim at your home or business may create immediate damage as well as residual problems due to fire, water or smoke.  Specialty contractors are available to help you clean, dry, and/or board up immediately after an incident.  If the loss is covered by insurance, these expenses are typically covered as well as part of the efforts to avoid additional damage.

If you engage a Fire & Water Restoration Contractor, you may do so for (a.) immediate clean-up only; or (b.) immediate work and the long-term repairs.

Choice of Contractors

The Claim Department alone has the authority to approve repairs – both eligibility and amounts of coverage.  But you, as the consumer, choose your contractor(s).  We offer this list as a convenient tool, not an endorsement or guarantee.

  •  ERI – Erie Restoration Inc.
    5323 Woodside Dr., Erie PA 16505
    (814) 835-4357
  • ServiceMaster Restore by Advanced
    1220 W 20th St., Erie PA 16502
    (814) 455-2033
  •  WRS – Water Restoration Services LLC (previously ServPro of West Erie County)
    2775 W 17th St., Erie PA 16505
    (814) 459-7200 (previously 866-3399)
  • Peterson Property Management
     1225 Filmore Ave, Erie PA 16505
    (814) 835-4940
  • Rainbow International      
    1320 Irwin Dr., Erie PA 16505
    (814) 453-4930
  •  Otteni / First General Services
    8875 Windswept Dr., McKean PA 16426
    (814) 476-3080
  •  Bonded Services                 
    4859 Pacific Ave., Erie PA 16506
    (800) 575-8363
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