08Jan 2019

Winter means cold temps, less daylight and you guessed it: snow. Snow can make driving on the road a little harder, but having snow tires on your car can help. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

10Nov 2017


The U.S. Marines are best known for tactical strategies on the battlefield.  Locally, they are waging a battle on behalf of impoverished children at Christmas.  Our agency is happy to serve as a drop-off site in the USMC Toys For Tots campaign.  Please donate a new, unwrapped toy.  The Marines will pick up our box the week of December 12th.  Thank you!

29Aug 2017

Boating is great warm-weather fun. But accidents happen. What if you injure a passenger on your boat, a nearby skier, swimmer or fisherman? What if you collide with another boat or damage a dock? Home Insurance policies may have some automatic Liability protection, but only for smaller boats with lower HP motors. Home policies may even cover damage to the boats, up to a certain amount, but not in the water. This is basically “driveway coverage”, not “waterway coverage”. Concerned? Call us to discuss the details.

24Aug 2017

Most homes connect to a municipal hook-up to discharge waste water. Typically, there is a floor drain in the lowest level, such as a basement. What if you find 3 inches of black water from that basement drain? Damage Due to Back-Up of Sewers or Drains is an option on many Home policies. It is not Flood Insurance – another topic for another blog. It is not just a plumbing problem. Call us to discuss the details.



22Aug 2017

Whether you enjoy warm weather or cold weather activities, a getaway camp, cabin or cottage is terrific. Sadly, it also creates a possible insurance challenge. Visitors can be injured as your guest or simply crossing your property. Property of others can be damaged. What if that picturesque foot bridge collapses? What if that retaining wall is overwhelmed by the wettest springtime on record? What if a fire starts at your cottage and spreads to neighboring properties? Coverage may be more affordable than you think. Call us to discuss the details.

17Aug 2017

Working from home is becoming very popular. Why not? Who needs the commuting and parking hassles of traditional workplaces? But you may need special coverage on your Home Insurance or a stand-alone Small Business policy. Exclusions typically will not cover injuries to visiting vendors or customers. Limitations on your Business Personal Property (samples, inventory, business-dedicated computers, office furniture) could be very restrictive. But the solution may be quite inexpensive. Call us to discuss the details.

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