Your car/truck/SUV came with a hitch/receiver. Or you had one installed.  Your vehicle is covered under your Personal Auto Insurance policy?  But what about that “toy”?

In general, a trailer attached to a vehicle is considered to be an extension of the vehicle…but ask your agent to be certain. You might misjudge and damage someone else’s property or injure another person.  Under this extension concept, it is as if you caused the accident with the car itself.

But the trailer, boat, and contents of the trailer are not automatically covered for damage under most Personal Auto policies. Coverage can be explored, covering trailers while parked or towed.  Boats, motorcycles and ATVs can also be covered in use or transit.

Some hitches are also anchor points for racks that carry bikes, canoes, kayaks and more. Again, we can explore coverage while in use, storage or transit.

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