This topic looks like a warning that it is raining. But we’re not talking about droplets of water.  We’re talking about the downpour of a lawsuit.

Excess Liability policies, with some versions called Umbrella policies, offer additional protection for you and your assets. Your underlying policies already provide Primary Liability coverage in case you negligently injure someone or damage property belonging to others.  Look at your Personal Auto, Traditional Home, Vacation Home, Rental Home, Mobile Home, Condo Unit, Renter’s, ATV, Boat, RV, Motorcycle and similar personal policies.  Protection is there.  But it has a Limit of Liability.  What happens if the jury awards more?

Excess Liability policies provide a buffer between those underlying policies and your assets. They serve as an over-arching “umbrella” above that Primary Liability Limit.  Excess coverage typically starts with a $1,000,000 Limit.  And it is surprisingly affordable.

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