01Dec 2013

The US Marine Corps invaded our agency today…to pick up the toys collected for the kids. We are happy to serve as a drop-off site each year. It is our pleasure work with the USMC and to help some very needy families.

It is heartwarming to see the generosity in our community. Our policyholders and neighbors stop in to our office. Some simply waive when we say thanks and they are back out the door. Some are in and out so quickly, we don’t even get the chance to thank them. We even found brand-new plush toys in our outside mailbox one morning.

Thanks to all for making this possible. Merry Christmas!

03Dec 0201

So, you’re a landlord. In another blog, we’ll look at building coverage.  Today, we are examining Contents coverage, frequently described as Business Personal Property.

All too often, this is quickly dismissed because the units are rented “unfurnished”. And that viewpoint supports the need for each tenant to have Renter’s Insurance.

But a landlord may have a real investment in Contents as well – refrigerators, ranges, washers, dryers, porch & patio furniture, lobby furniture, cleaning & janitorial supplies, janitorial equipment, as well as supplies for lawn care or snow-removal. You may have “inherited” them from the prior building owner or purchased a few items here and there over the years.  But in the event of a covered loss, you may need to replace everything at once.

Do you want Replacement Cost Claim Settlement on your Contents? Or would you be satisfied with Actual Cash Value – depreciating for age, wear and tear?  Do you want Comprehensive Perils (if available)?  Or would you be satisfied with a shorter list of covered events?

If you have questions, visit our website’s Consumer Info section (www.wrins.com), or contact us.

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