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29Jun 2017

We envision flames when we think about Home Insurance. But your policy also provides Family Liability protection. A visitor could be injured; a fire you start races to your neighbor’s house; you accidentally shoot someone while hunting; your golf shot goes off target, striking a fellow golfer. Does your policy have sufficient coverage to protect your family and your assets? Call us to discuss the details!

27Jun 2017

All Home Insurance policies are not created equally. Although we worry about fires, we may never experience one personally. We are more likely to suffer water damage from a burst water supply pipe, back-up of a drain, or water from an ice dam. Every policy does not cover those incidents. Does yours? Call us to discuss the details!

21Jun 2017

So…you’re in the “landlord” business. Do you have sufficient Liability protection is case a tenant or visitor is injured? If you have a fire, you will have building damage to repair. You will also likely lose your tenant and that monthly income stream. Will your policy replace those lost rents? Call us to discuss the details!

19Jun 2017

We use our phones and digital cameras to take lots of fun, silly pictures. Here is a more serious task. Photo every room of your house, then photo a walk-around view of the outside. Park the photos in the cloud or elsewhere. This will assist you greatly if you ever need to explain to a claims adjuster what you owned before a covered loss occurred. Call us to discuss the details!

SPECIAL NOTE: Tenant-Owned Personal Property in rental homes is not covered.

18May 2017
National Transportation Week


National Transportation Week

Not sure, but I don’t think Hallmark has a card for this (yet).  America, by Presidential proclamation, does celebrate National Transportation Week (#NationalTransportationWeek).  For trivia buffs, look up the launch of the Interstate Highway system under President Eisenhower.  Do you know why this was a Defense project?  Be careful in construction areas.  Slow down and give plenty of room for the workers and be prepared for sudden stops.  And stop to assess your Auto Insurance protection as well.  Give us a call for a no-obligation review!

11May 2017

Full-time college, technical school and similar education costs real money! In addition to tuiltion, there is also the expense for room and board. In many cases, it is not practical or allowable for the student to take a car to school. So Erie Insurance offers the College Student Discount…substantial savings. Talk to us about the details!


10May 2017
Camping Insurance


How many folks hike into the wood with nothing more than a backpack, sleeping bag, and small tent?  Camping trailers and comfortable home-away-from home equipment now costs thousands…even tens of thousands.  Does your Insurance cover it?  It can make a difference whether you leave your “personal camp” at a campsite for the season or if you bring everything home after each get-away.  Let’s make sure you are protected at the lowest possible cost. Give Us a CALL.

21Apr 2017
Boating Insurance, Are you covered?

Spring is here!  That means boating will soon begin in NW PA.  Are you “covered”?  Maybe.  Check your Homeowners policy and you will likely find automatic extensions of protection.  But be sure to read the fine printLiability coverage, legal protection in case you injure someone or damage their property, is a common extension.  But it typically does NOT apply to boats over certain lengths or horsepower.

You may also see coverage for the boat itself, but that may be limited to $1,000-$2,500.  And it may basically apply at home.  So this amounts to “driveway coverage”, not “highway coverage” or  “waterway coverage”.

Talk to us.  We’ll help you understand the details and your options.

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