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We envision flames when we think about Home Insurance. But your policy also provides Family Liability protection. A visitor could be injured; a fire you start races to your neighbor’s house; you accidentally shoot someone while hunting; your golf shot goes off target, striking a fellow golfer. Does your policy have sufficient coverage to protect […]

All Home Insurance policies are not created equally. Although we worry about fires, we may never experience one personally. We are more likely to suffer water damage from a burst water supply pipe, back-up of a drain, or water from an ice dam. Every policy does not cover those incidents. Does yours? Call us to […]

So…you’re in the “landlord” business. Do you have sufficient Liability protection is case a tenant or visitor is injured? If you have a fire, you will have building damage to repair. You will also likely lose your tenant and that monthly income stream. Will your policy replace those lost rents? Call us to discuss the […]

We use our phones and digital cameras to take lots of fun, silly pictures. Here is a more serious task. Photo every room of your house, then photo a walk-around view of the outside. Park the photos in the cloud or elsewhere. This will assist you greatly if you ever need to explain to a […]

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