Thanks to all! The AHA Erie Heart Walk took place this past Saturday at Liberty Park at Presque Isle Bay. We collected over $600 to help advance this good cause. Pap Pap John Rushe always takes a risk walking with the grandkids. One was sick. Another had a conflict with gymnastics. Two granddaughters, ages 9 & 1, came to walk…along with their moms.

In past years, we walked the entire course, or most of it. But the weatherman had different ideas. During the entire month of August, our area only had about 1.5 inches of rain. We received 4 inches on Walk Day! So our strategy changed. We visited with the exhibitors, including the local US Marines promoting Toys-For-Tots. Our 9 year-old granddaughter got her face painted. And we snapped a couple of photos in between raindrops. Thanks again!

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